During the Wind Festival (Festival du vent – Festiventu), in Calvi, in October 2010, Aérosculpture paid tribute to Audouin Dollfus who died on October 1st 2010, with a symbolic balloon drop, reconstituting the equipment that allowed him to be the first man in the stratosphere, on April 22nd, 1959. Audoin may still today be contemplating the perfect roundness of the Earth, from the height of 14 000 meters.

In october 2010, during the Festival of Wind (Festival du vent) Aérosculpture is testing the latex balloon on the beach of Calvi. The newly explored shapes will come out in new projects. (The latex that has been used is made of purely vegetable material and is rapidly degradable).
“Trace” : one black balloon dropped every 10 seconds is sketching the wind. The shapes formed illustrate the wind’s
deviations and undulations, playing with the sea, the beach and the surrounding relief, before fading away.
Seaweed: as the fish skim over the surface of the water, green seaweed springs out from the sea. Anticipation of the seaweed lighting installation at the Fête des lumières Lyon 2011.
The black fellows: it is like having a giant pen and drawing in the sky, the drawings are waving in the wind, the blackfellows seem to say goodbye as they disappear, until new faces rediscover them and smile back at these funny puppets.

Aerostatic Space and Design Workshop with 2nd and 3rd year graduates from the Fine Art School of Lyon (ENBA – École des beaux-arts de Lyon). February 2010.

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